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Will my membership rate ever increase?

Absolutely not! Your rate is locked in forever as long as you stay current with your membership. If your membership is allowed to lapse for more than 30 days, you will be subject to the latest rate increase upon return.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you can freeze your 12-month membership for a time span of 1 month. Short term members are not allowed to freeze or suspend. For a medical freeze, you are required to provide a doctor’s note within one month after the requested time.

My husband and I want to join — are there family options?

Yes, we offer memberships for spouse/partners. If your spouse/partner is already a member at our facility you will be offered the option to pay a lower monthly rate. This membership does not include classes. Please call for more information.

Do I have to sign an agreement upon joining?

All members must sign an agreement when choosing a membership and joining our club for two reasons: one, we feel the best way to achieve your goals is to commit long-term to an exercise program and invest in yourself. As a staff, we have made a serious commitment to helping you achieve those goals and expect you to make the same commitment. Second, the signed agreement allows us to place you into our third-party billing system so monthly payments are withdrawn easily.

Will I be penalized for cancelling my membership?

Not if you relocate out of the area (25-mile radius) or provide a doctor’s note stating that you are unable to exercise at the given time. If you do not fall within the distance protocol or are not out of your original contract you are required to pay an early termination fee of $100.

I have never trained before. Will I be placed in a beginner group?

All clients train in groups consisting of different people from all walks of life and varying ability levels. This “team” training approach has proven successful in many arenas including physical therapy settings, team training facilities, and adult recreation. Although it is a group setting, your program is individualized to your needs, and everyone is focused on doing their own workout and not worried about what you are doing.

Do you have to be an athlete to train at Funktion Fitness?

Absolutely not! There is a big misconception that we only train athletes. This could not be further from the truth. That being said, we consider everyone to be an athlete (of some sort), even if you are just playing the game of life. We train individuals from all walks of life, whether they are stay-at-home moms, professional athletes, or seniors. Everyone is welcome at Funktion Fitness!

Can I get a consultation without having to commit?

Yes! Every new member receives a complimentary 1 on 1 consultation that includes: Goal Setting, Functional Movement Screen (which reveals any movement deficiencies we need to know about in designing your individualized program).

Do I need to sign up for classes ahead of time?

Yes, you will be asked to sign up for classes to guarantee a spot. You are able to sign up for classes one week in advance of the scheduled class.

Do you offer 1 on 1 private coaching?

We truly believe all of your fitness and performance needs can be taken care of and accomplished through our semi private coaching. 1 on 1 private coaching will be offered to all members who are interested. Call for pricing.

How are payments processed?

All payments are conducted using an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) that automatically withdraws a monthly payment from a credit or debit card. Payment withdrawal falls within the period of the month that contract was signed.

Can I pay every month with a check, card or cash instead?

Unfortunately for EFT contracts you cannot pay with cash or check – you are required to have a credit or debit card on file to deduct monthly payments. If you are a short term or Paid in Full (PIF) member you can pay with check, card or cash.

The membership rate is high compared to the other clubs. Why?

We do not feel our memberships are high for what we offer. As a matter of fact, if you break it down, our most expensive membership comes out to be $9/session or just $4/day!! For the price of a Starbucks Coolatta, you receive professional level training that is second to none in the region. Many people think they are only paying for their time at the gym and don’t consider the amount of time and effort the staff puts into the design of their individualized program and nutritional plans when you are away from the gym (think of a lawyer working on your case). Basically, it all comes down to priorities. If you’re looking for results and appreciate quality, then we are for you.

Can I pay my old rate instead of your new rates?

Just like any service or product, prices do increase. If you have been absent from us for more than 30 days, you are subject to our most current rates and price structure.

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